• About Us

    We are proud to announce that Avenue Super Stores is committed to providing you with a premium quality service handled by professionals who will cater to all your household needs and daily requirements with an exclusive and extended range of products. You will find our section guide icons across the store to make your experience in Avenue a delightful one.

    We embolden to reflect the comfort provided by our service and to leave our mark in the hearts of our clientele. Avenue is an upscale, modern, unique grocery. Avenue offers a distinct menu that includes authentic, hard to find ingredients from around the region.

    Our success depend on knowing our clientele, focusing on their needs and wants. Our challenges are to keep ample wide-ranging items in stock for customers, while introducing new and seasonal variety of items and frequently enough to keep buyers interested in our products and values.

    We make sure to provide a superior, modern, quality products, friendly staff and a comfortable atmosphere that fills customers’ daily needs. 

  • Our Mission

    We aim to able to offer our customers all their needs and household necessitates in one place without having to shop in different outlets granted with a touch of luxury because we believe that our customers need a high level service shopping experience that is handled by professionals

  • Our Vision

     We strive to be known as a luxurious store that offers high quality products not sold elsewhere and to become part of every household.


    We strive to generate positive word of mouth as we are certain that you will be referred to us by your friends or colleagues who would definitely enjoy a favorable experience with us. We assure our consumers to meet their expectations in terms of quality, convenience and comfort.